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New York Hotel Rooms

New York City hotel rooms are always relatively expensive compared with other parts of the United States, and they are usually smaller than most rooms across the country as well.

Hotel Room Statistics
Various sources offer a vast range of given average hotel room sizes in New York.  One thing the researchers can agree on however, is that hotel rooms in New York, on average, are smaller than anywhere else in the U.S.  Most do agree that the average room square footage runs somewhere between 225 sq. ft and 265 sq. ft. This range is for a standard room that offers one or two beds, an armoire with a television, and sometimes a wetbar and refrigerator.  Bathrooms are all pretty much the same - a sink, toilet and bath tub.

Some of the newer boutique type hotel rooms and those marketing to the younger business traveler, such as the W Hotel on 47th Street and Broadway offer a bit larger accommodations, with a much larger price tag.  Other amenities are often associated with these trendy hotels such as modern furnishings, ultra chic night clubs and highly acclaimed dining destinations.

Current Average Hotel Room Sizes

The Ameritania Hotel located on West 54th Street offers an average room size of 250 square feet.

W Hotel accommodates guests in average rooms of 280 square feet and is mapped at 47th Street and Broadway.

Embassy Suites Hotel New York City has 450 square feet hotel rooms.

Four Seasons on East 57th rounds out the top in room sizes with an average hotel room of 600 square feet.

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